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The seeds are protected inside fruit. But in some fruits, seeds are not found like in grapes, banana and such type of fruits are called parthenocarpic or seedless fruit. Pericarp: After ripening, the ovarian wall changes into pericarp.

This pericarp may be thick and fleshy or thick and hard or thin and soft. It forms outermost layer of fruit which is also called rind. In coconut, this layer is made up of fibres which is also called coir. Orange, datepalm or thick and hard eg. Mango, Coconut. When the fruit is developed only from the ovary, the fruit is called as true fruit. Mango, Coconut,. In some fruits, in place of ovary, some other parts of flower like thalamus, inflorescence, calyx are modified to form a part of fruit. These types of fruit are called false fruits. Simple fruit: These fruit develop from monocarpellary ovary or multicarpellary syncarpous ovary and only one fruit is formed by the gynoecium: Simple fruits are of two types:.

These fruit develop from superior or inferior syncarpous gynoecium. These may be unilocular or multilocular, these fruits are indehiscent. Dispersal of fruit occurs after pericarp is destroyed. In this fruits pericarp is distinguished into epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp. In these fruits endocarp is hard and stony so these fruits are also called stony fruits. Mango, coconut, almond; peach walnut, plum.

In mango the outermost cover or rind is called epicarp. Edible fleshy part is mesocarp and the part where seed is protected is called as endocarp. In ber, epicarp and mesocarp both are edible part while endocarp is drupe. The rind of Almond and walnut are endocarp and their edible part is seed. In coconut epicarp is hard and thin while mesocarp is thick and consists of hard fibres. The endocarp is hard and -seed is protected in it. The sweet water of coconut are liquid and solid endosperm.

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Living and working in Aachen, Germany, Berresheim is an artist and musician as well as founder of the record label and project space New Amerika. Any claim or cause of action you may have with respect to Artspace or the Site must be commenced within one 1 year after the claim or cause of action arose. I acknowledge I read the Artspace terms and conditions. Elaine Masters link. I remember being most happily surprised when I first walked in, the feeling of "I got all this for that?

Ovary may be superior or inferior. Placentation is axile or parietal. In these, epicarp is thin like membrane and seeds are embedded in fleshy part initially seeds are attached with placenta of fruit but after maturation these seeds are detached with placenta and are spread randomly in fleshy part. In it pericarp is divided into epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp.

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Epicarp is thin and soft while mesocarp is thick and fleshy and endocarp is thin like a membrane, which is attached with seed. Arecanut is one seeded fibrous fruit. When its' thick fibrous layer is removed then seed comes out which is hard. These fruits 'are fleshy and spongy. The rind and sponge are made up of thalamus. The main part of ovary is like to cartilage. It means it is hard and dry, remain inside the fruit seeds are present in it. Apple, Pear. These are false fruits. Fleshy swollen thalamus of these fruits is edible part.

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E Hesperidium: This fruit develops from multicarpellary, syncarpous, superior ovary. This fruit is specialy found in plants of Rutaceae family. Orange, Lemon. Epicarp of these is made up of thick rind which is leathery and many oil glands are found in it. Mesocarp is the white fibrous structure which is attached with epicarp. Membranous endocarp projects inward and formed many chambers. Many glandular hairs are present on the inner side of endocarp.

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These glandular hairs are only edible parts. F Balausta: It is a multilocular multiseeds fruit, which develops from inferior ovary. It's pericarp is hard. Calyx is persistent which is arranged in the form of crown.

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If persistant carpels are arranged systemetically. Seeds are irregularly arranged on placenta.


Endocarp is hard. Testa is fleshy and Juicy. This is the edible part of fruit. Pericarp is hard and fleshy placenta is found in them. The inner part of pericarp and placenta is' edible part of fruit. Wood apple Aegle marmelos , elephant apple. Pericarp of simple dry fruits is hard and dry and not diffrentiated into epicarp, Mesocarp and endocarp. Such fruits are called dry fruit. In some dry fruits, this pericarp is ruptured and seeds are dispersed. These fruits are called dehiscent fruits. In some fruits, pericarp is divided into one or more seeded segments. See what travellers are saying:. Reviewed 15 February Neighborhood Bar. Date of visit: January Ask ebubbles7 about Hairy Lemon Irish Pub. Thank ebubbles7.

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Reviewed 5 February Sunday lunch. Date of visit: February Thank Philip Karen K. Reviewed 4 November Small Place, Big On Service. Date of visit: November Thank JazzMusic. Reviewed 20 July Great Fish Fry. Date of visit: July Ask svowels about Hairy Lemon Irish Pub. Thank svowels.

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